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北極墓園 |The North Of Tomb
  • 北極墓園 |The North Of Tomb

    北極墓園/“The North of the tomb”

    Ink, Xuan paper, Paper bandages  & Collage

    200cm X 100cm


    Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate system.
    The Arctic is warming about twice as fast as the global average, causing the ice that polar bears depend on to melt away.  Polar bears are the scapegoats for humans, facing extinction.
    Who can return their life and a habitat? Recently, the mass death of Australian critters in Australia’s Wildfires. I would like to bring the message of protecting our wildlife.
    Through the technique of collage and torn paper, the work shows the image of ice breaking and visualised the dead of polar bears, which is in contrast with the cute little polar bears in the picture, which shows the meaning of life and death. Also, the cross in the work is like a tombstone on the Arctic, and it is also the artist’s regret that the polar bear will disappear in the world.


    -Artwork is selected to participate in

     "Ink gobal 2021" |  全球水墨畫大展 2021


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