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Hong Kong. Wandering | 漂流山竹

Hong Kong. Wandering | 漂流山竹

Hong Kong. Wandering | 漂流山竹

Medium  / Ink, Xuan paper, marbling print & Pigment
Size  /  69cm ( W) x 90cm (H)

Year / 2019



Hong Kong has experienced the ravages of “Mangkhut”.
Crushed stone, glass, branches, leaves and road signs were destroyed and broke up onto the road.HK People need to cross over the obstacles to go to work. At this moment, we can see “Nature”, “City” and “Hongkonger” mixed-up together in a small space, which is like magical realism.
The creation of the artwork is shown how Hongkonger to fight back the “Super Typhoon Mangkhut”.


Media: Art installation, video and printI think “Nature”, “City” and “Hongkonger” mixed-up together in a small space during ” Super Typhoon Mangkhut”, is similar to traditional Chinese painting — ”Shanshui / 山水”. “Shanshui/山水“ has never been so close to us. Inspired by ancient Chinese painting, the artist adopted the form and composition of Chinese paintings and combined with different media and the illustration of the scene of the typhoon is printed on a piece of tailored woodblock in human shape ( I call it ” Dayfly”.), also combined with different media, such as: Chinese ink painting, woodcut, zinc plate, printmaking’s material, Umbrella, branches or leaves etc…which formed an art installation of “Super Typhoon Mangkhut” ; each of mayfly is independent, they also represent a state of mind, value and profession. I will say the connection of each “Dayfly” is “ Hong Kong spirit”.


-Finalist of   " Landscape painting - UOB Art in ink awards"

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