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    SKU: 0006

    Kaleidoscope  Installation –  

    Wood / Acrylic / Rotate machine  / UV print  / LED light / Sound installation

    A group of 6, 20 cmW x 20cm H  each


    每次走進坪石,坐在方而廣的中央 廣場上銹跡跡斑斑的綠色鐵櫈,靜靜觀察著各式的人在廣場上的活動, 發覺廣場是坪石這小社區裡的公共休憩空間,也是坪石村民生活上的「抖氣位」; 每個人走過寬大的廣場,身心會靜下來, 想像生活的美, 休息後, 再展笑容,重新出發。因此,我創作了一個個「無限」的空間,代表廣場是每人心靈上的休 憩場,大人與小朋友在這裡會有不同 的想像,讓思緒遊走其中。參觀者可透過木箱上正方形孔洞欣賞由坪石村一事物幻化出來的萬花筒。

    備註:此作品會與「坪方-間」共享空間,並與聲音裝置結合。參觀者走過隧道,可以聽到兒童在廣場的歡笑聲。(聲音裝置:陳俊興藝術家提供 )

    Entering Ping Shek, I enjoy sitting on the rusty green metal bench, which is located in the middle of the square. While observing everyone’s activities, you will realise this square is not only a public open space in this small community, but also a necessary area for the Ping Shek residents to “breathe”. When you pass by this spacious square, your body and mind will be calmed down. Imagining the beauty of your lives, you will be able to continue your lives  with a big smile again after some rest in this square.

    Because of this, I created an infinity space, which represents everyone’s square for mental rest. In this area, adults and children will be able to let their minds wander and thus create some different images in their minds. The participants can appreciate everything through a square hole on a wooden box which acts as a kaleidoscope.

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