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Community Square No.2 – Color sequence in memory
  • Community Square No.2 – Color sequence in memory

    SKU: 0002

    Restore glaze, Stoneware with stainless steel frames

    30 pieces, 17 cm x 17 cm each



      When I was young, I always went to Choi Hung Estate, which is near Ping Shek Estate. That's why I have always been familiar with Choi Hung Estate's "brother", Ping Shek Estate. During my childhood, I used to compare the colours of these two estates. The residential blocks in Choi Hung and Ping Shek are both named after colours. However, there is also a difference between their names. The name of the blocks in Choi Hung are combined with the names of flowers, while the residential buildings in Ping Shek are combined with the names of stones. After renovating the exterior of the blocks, the color of the wall paintings become brighter. Nevertheless, the "texture" is not the same anymore because it has lost its sense of antiquity. 



      Established for almost 40 years, this public estate, Ping Shek, has been filled with numerous meaningful people, events and objects. Despite their ordinary appearance, they are all extraordinary. From my point of view, colours in Ping Shek Estate may be a type of memory or a kind of emotion reflection.  


      The artist wants to present the simplicity of Ping Shek Estate through the medium of ceramics. Also, he made use of ceramic glaze to create a unique and colorful ceramic tile. With the visual experience from Ping Shek Estate, the artist created a ceramic mural. 

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