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Community Square No.2 – Space
  • Community Square No.2 – Space

    SKU: 0004


    84cm X 59.4cm 


      Ping Shek Estate preserves the distinctive features of Hong Kong’s public housing estates — the intense sense of humanity, the simplicity of the lifestyle, the spirit of mutual help within the community — which help to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. As you walk into Ping Shek Estate, you see the narrow pavements, the spacious central plaza, some small, but all-inclusive traditional shops, the square patios, the unique architecture, the orderly coloured bricks, the gates with seven colours, the names of the coloured stones and so on. You soon realise that every different shape, colour and space make up the unique visual language of the estate. What impress me most are the square patios: you feel warmth flooding all over you from the square-shaped sky. The square is a symbol for the residents, as it bears witness to the growth, the stability and the peace of Ping Shek Estate. It is like a guardian and a blessing for the people who live there. These observations and feelings provide me with the enlightenment and inspiration to create the series “Community in square”.

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