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The time is coming | 將至
  • The time is coming | 將至

    The time is coming | 將至

    Media: Mixed media, Cotton & Ink on Xuan paper

    Size: 186CM(W) x 90CM(H) 

    Year: 2019-2020








    An invisible thing slowly approaching ...

    Just like the biggest snowstorm coming.

    Without noise,Devouring the silent mountain.

    How do you survive a snowstorm? How do you protect yourself?
    When you are facing a big snowstorm, you can not do anything. You only can be waiting for the big snowstorm pass away. I think it similar to our life. In front of the fate,we only can accept it and try to overcome it. Life is not easy.


    The creative process:
    The artist explores the use of cotton paper, cloud-dragon paper, ink, and
    through the skill of collage and tearing paper, layer by layer, to create a scene of snowstorm landscape.

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